Film Processing

Action Photo Digital Graphics is one
of the few Bay Area labs to continue to provide in-house processing of print and slide films, including:
• C-41 (color print film)
• E-6 (slide/ transparency film)
• Black and White Film


We process all sizes of film, including 135mm, 120/220 and 4x5 sheet film.


Our lab technicians can handle ASA changes with "push and pulls." Snip tests and roll sequencing are also available.


After processing let us print your images or provide you with scans. Our lab techs use sophisticated scanning equipment to give you state-of-the-art files for general use, or customized to your specifications, and then saved to a CD or DVD.


Action Photo also stocks a wide variety of fresh film available for your next adventure or photo shoot.


Home and Decor Office Decor

Photographic Prints from film – new or old!

Many photographers, both amateur and professional, still prefer to shoot film, and we continue to create photos from ALL types and sizes of film.
We are here to carefully process your film and create beautiful prints.


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We also have the expertise to work with your unique old negatives, slides and prints to give you amazing results. We can scan all sizes, including 110 and 126 film, X-rays, View-Master disks, even old-time glass negs, tintypes, and daguerreotype photos. Restoration and enhancement options are available. Details »